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The Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Whirling Rainbow in MJ Lifestyle Magazine

White Buffalo Calf Woman by Courtney Aura Freeman

Many indigenous tribes have prophecies about the era that we are currently experiencing similar to the White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy. This is a period of great change when we are reclaiming control Earth and raising the consciousness about how we wish to treat our planet, ourselves and each other. 

If you haven't read our founder Courtney Freeman's story in the print version of MJ Lifestyle, you're in for a treat because the article is now live on MJLifestyle.com .

Tune-In Tuesday Inspiration for Overcoming a Sh*t Storm of Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles with White Buffalo Spirit
Sometimes things go wrong, very wrong.  Maybe there is tragedy in your personal life, and you’re encountering a family illness. Perhaps a co-worker grates your last nerve or an important deal goes bust. Or it’s all of the above and a real sh*t storm. Here's some tips for moving forward in victory with grace.

The Lioness Lounge at Reggae on the Mountain Featured in "The Bluntness"

The Lioness Lounge at Reggae on the Mountain Featured in "The Bluntness"
The Lioness Lounge Powered by White Buffalo Events featured in "The Bluntness." Visit this wellness village during the 10th Annual Reggae on the Mountain August 17th and 18th in Malibu, Ca.

Thank You for My Healing

Thank You for My Healing
For this week's Tune-In Tuesday, we are looking at one of our favorite topics - healing. For those who address ongoing health issues due to an aut...

Did You Know That Crystals Are Electric?!

Crystals Are Electric
Yes, it’s true! Crystals can create electrical current. Scientists call it “piezoelectricity.” Discovered by Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie in ...

What Do You Want? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on Tune-in Tuesday

Tune-In Tuesday
As we commence the holiday season, things are pretty hectic. Especially for those of us who work in eCommerce ;).  We are all trying to present ...

Tune-In Tuesday with Prehnite, the Healer’s Stone and Epidote

Prehnite and Epidote Crystals

These two crystals prehnite (the green) and epidote (the black) are like peas in a pod. 

They often come together to amplify the healing properties of prehnite, known as the healers stone.