Tune-In Tuesdays

Meditation Breeds Creativity

Meditation Breeds Creativity
Research shows that meditative states induce brain wave patterns that result in improved health, new neural pathways, a greater sense of well-being, and even a boost in creativity.

Thank You for My Healing

Thank You for My Healing
For this week's Tune-In Tuesday, we are looking at one of our favorite topics - healing. For those who address ongoing health issues due to an aut...

Did You Know That Crystals Are Electric?!

Crystals Are Electric
Yes, it’s true! Crystals can create electrical current. Scientists call it “piezoelectricity.” Discovered by Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie in ...

What Do You Want? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on Tune-in Tuesday

Tune-In Tuesday
As we commence the holiday season, things are pretty hectic. Especially for those of us who work in eCommerce ;).  We are all trying to present ...

Oracle of the Green Rose - An Inspired Oracle Card Deck for the Ages

Oracle of the Green Rose - An Inspired Oracle Card Deck for the Ages
This Tuesday October 23rd was all about the launch of our Indigogo campaign to support our passion project!  We were driving hard to launch befor...

Tune-In Tuesday with Prehnite, the Healer’s Stone and Epidote

Prehnite and Epidote Crystals

These two crystals prehnite (the green) and epidote (the black) are like peas in a pod. 

They often come together to amplify the healing properties of prehnite, known as the healers stone.