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A Trusted Brand Since 1976.

Courtney Aura Freeman

A Message from Our Founder, Courtney Aura Freeman

My parents launched White Buffalo rolling papers in the 70's. After Wounded Knee and the American Indian Movement started picking up momentum, my mother was inspired by her Cherokee ancestry to call the paper company "White Buffalo".

In 2015, I decided I was ready to continue my family's journey. I had grown up with White Buffalo rolling papers as the family's nationwide brand and wanted to grow the company with new intentional products. 

In exploring the story behind White Buffalo Woman, an indigenous legend and prophecy that inspired the White Buffalo rolling paper trademark, I identified the importance of paying homage to the indigenous traditions inherent in the name.

The indigenous peoples of this planet are often a voice for protection of our home and live by practices that sustain future generations. I've always felt a deep connection with Mama Gaia and have incorporated practices into my own lifestyle to support environmental safeguards.

I researched stories from different tribes and learned that the prophecy states that White Buffalo Woman will return to heal our planet. When she arrives, there will be a new generation of souls incarnated known as the rainbow warriors. It is said that the Rainbow Warriors will unify the people in this mission. 

The harbinger of White Buffalo Woman's return is the birth of a rare white bison. There have been many white bison born since Big Medicine in 1933, supporting the idea that "The Time Has Come" our mantra.

I founded our shop White Buffalo Spirit to support healthy lifestyles and to generate revenue to do good in the world. Today, when you purchase items from our shop, know that we are creating products that we believe are high quality and limit our exposure to non-renewable resources. We believe that the future of humankind and our nourishment depends on the health of our planet.

We use post-consumer materials for packaging and printing where possible. Our skincare products are made with certified organic hemp-derived CBD oil and essential oils, packaged in renewable, glass containers. The tamper evident strips are made from hemp paper labels. For a broader social impact, we contribute to non-profit organizations that benefit environmental protections and human rights initiatives. 

Everyday, I try to express gratitude for the opportunity to pursue these goals and to help others to do the same. Your purchase of White Buffalo products makes this effort possible. Thank you!

Courtney Aura Freeman

Founder, White Buffalo Spirit

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