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The First of Its KIND Oracle Card Deck

THE ORACLE OF THE GREEN ROSE or en français, L'Oracle de la Rose Verte.

The First of Its KIND Oracle Card Deck

"The Oracle of the Green Rose" is an entertaining and educational oracle card deck and accompanying book - each card offers a symbolic image with a fun, inspiring message. These beautifully illustrated cards illuminate the healing properties of our favorite plant and those historical figures who contributed to the fascinating world of plant medicine and legalization as we know it today.  


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When will the deck be ready?

This is a labor of love in progress. Here's a recent update and detail on the last drop.

The newest pioneer card in our deck is Bruce Margolin with our interpretation of the Justice Card from the traditional Tarot.

Mr. Margolin is an esteemed attorney who has been an advocate for criminal justice reform and legalization for many years. He has been publishing “The Margolin Guide” for almost 25 years - sharing important information about what to do if pulled over, how to approach legal commerce, and how you can stay safe navigating the laws, knowing your rights. Visit 420Laws.com to learn more about Mr. Margolin's valuable contribution to this movement. 

We submitted an iteration of Mr. Margolin's card to the Oaksterdam University NFT Digital Art Contest and the submission was selected for the final collection. The piece then sold at auction to an anonymous bidder, and the proceeds from the sale benefitted students with education scholarships.

Upcoming Contest! We have two versions of Mr. Margolin's card creative and we're launching a contest for our fans to decide the final version and display the art in a gallery space. Backers of the project will have weighted entries. 

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Jack Herer's card is under review by his estate.

Two new cards are slated for April 2022 to be announced shortly.

View more images of the cards here.

The pace of our release really depends on funding and creative approval from our pioneers. We are currently boot-strapping this passion project, so your pre-orders are tremendously helpful in reaching our goal as fast as possible. 

We have a total of 44 cards and each card is designed with intention. We can't rush brilliance ;) But we are also eager to get this deck in your hands!

In short, we want the deck in OUR hands too. We appreciate your patience as we identify the best way to honor the pioneers of this movement and create a memorable experience for you. Please enjoy the process with us as we send you updates and sneak peaks at the cards.

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