The First of Its KIND Oracle Card Deck - The Oracle of the Green Rose

Oracle of the Green Rose


ORACLE OF THE GREEN ROSE or en français, L'Oracle de la Rose Verte.

"The Oracle of the Green Rose" is an entertaining and educational oracle card deck and accompanying book - each card offers a symbolic image with a fun, inspiring message. These beautifully illustrated cards illuminate the healing properties of our favorite plant and those historical figures who contributed to the fascinating world of plant medicine and legalization as we know it today.  

See the "Oracle of the Green Rose" In Real Life:

White Buffalo Spirit will have a pop-up shop at the 10th Annual Reggae on the Mountain. We are participating in an activation called The LIONESS LOUNGE.

With our very special High Priestess card, we are honoring cannabis pioneer, actress, activist, and high priestess in her own right Yvonne “99” Delarosa Green. She will be joining us for our HIGH Priestess tea at The LIONESS LOUNGE.

You'll be able to see our other completed cards as well such as The Judgement Card with Pioneer Steve Deangelo. Click the links below to see our cards-to-date with their unique messages.


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The Bluntness will be providing video coverage of the event, and we'll post that here for your enjoyment.

We'll be sharing photos over the course of the event on our Instagram account, so be sure take a peek and follow us. 

If you are able to join us for the event in Malibu on August 17th and 18th, please get your tickets today. There's going to be yoga, a sound bath, silent disco, Tarot readings, a pool party, and more.



View the video from our Indiegogo fundraiser for more info.


Did you know that our favorite plant is part of the rose family? Indeed. And it smells just as sweet! Take a deep breathe and bask in the aroma of the sacred green rose.  

Now, imagine having these 44 cards in your hand, your friend sitting beside you pulls a card from the deck, and behold, the message from the Oracle of the Green Rose is just what you needed to bring a smile to your faces and a brilliant spark to your conversation! 

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Steve DeAngelo's Card

Yvonne "99" Delarosa Green's Card

Durban Poison Heirloom Landrace Card

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