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The First of Its KIND Oracle Card Deck

THE ORACLE OF THE GREEN ROSE or en français, L'Oracle de la Rose Verte.

The First of Its KIND Oracle Card Deck

"The Oracle of the Green Rose" is an entertaining and educational oracle card deck and accompanying book - each card offers a symbolic image with a fun, inspiring message. These beautifully illustrated cards illuminate the healing properties of our favorite plant and those historical figures who contributed to the fascinating world of plant medicine and legalization as we know it today.  


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When will the deck be ready?

This is a labor of love in progress. Here's a recent update and detail on the latest drop 4/20/23.

To date we have only released one of our landrace heirloom genetic cards. This is now the second in the deck with the total segment from the deck totaling 12 from around the world. 

Introducing Acapulco Gold. Learn more by visiting our blog post here.

The newest approved pioneer card in our deck is honoring pioneer Jessica Cure with "The Creative" - an homage to "The Lovers" in the traditional Tarot.

Jessica Cure is a creative visionary who deserves recognition. As a renowned events producer and tastemaker who designs awe-inspiring experiences, Jessica spearheaded the ‘know your cultivator” movement. By inviting farmers from Humboldt and the Emerald Triangle to share their harvest in Los Angeles, she created an innovative ecosystem where people could connect with craft farms directly. Exploring the different farms represented at the market, one could taste and smell cured flower in a beautiful setting while learning about the Mendocino appellation of origin for example.

In a world before mandatory testing labs in California, connecting with farmers directly established a broader community and offered a sense of quality assurance. To limit exposure to dangerous pesticides or mold, know your farmer and know how your canna is grown.

Ms. Cure has been a vocal advocate for the treatment of auto immune concerns with canna medicine. A former dispensary owner and operator, Jessica has paved the way for many to find healthy habits and respite from illness over the years with plant medicine, education, and what she refers to as “life-giving creativity”. A force for progress, she has worked with some of the most esteemed organizations focused on managing and improving regulatory concerns for the canna industry and for those who consume.

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Jack Herer's card is under review by his estate.

Bibiana Rojas' card has been submitted for approval. Bibiana is currently in cancer treatment. You can support her current mission by following her Instagram account @cancer_bibi .

View more images of the cards here.

The pace of our release really depends on funding and creative approval from our pioneers. We are currently boot-strapping this passion project, so your pre-orders are tremendously helpful in reaching our goal as fast as possible. 

We have a total of 44 cards and each card is designed with intention. We can't rush brilliance ;) But we are also eager to get this deck in your hands!

In short, we want the deck in OUR hands too. We appreciate your patience as we identify the best way to honor the pioneers of this movement and create a memorable experience for you. Please enjoy the process with us as we send you updates and sneak peaks at the cards.

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