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CLARITY Beeswax Candle with Organic Essential Oil

$36.00 $42.00
SKU: 1703
Cruelty Free Sustainable Trusted

Hand-Poured & Made with Love

  • Hemp Wicks Are Lead-Free
  • Recycled Glass Votive
  • Organic Essential Oils


Lemongrass & Honey Scent

New at White Buffalo Spirit!

CLARITY clean-burning beeswax candle.

These premium bee's wax aka beeswax candles are poured by hand and made with the finest ingredients:

  • Locally-sourced beeswax
  • Organic coconut oil*
  • Organic cacao*
  • Lemongrass organic essential oil*
  • Eucalyptus organic essential oil*
  • *USDA Certified Organic

    We developed this CLARITY candle for people who would benefit from incorporating a daily ritual into their self-healing practice. The candle arrives with or without the ritual mantra scroll - your choice.

    This hemp wick is clean burning, and we never use synthetic fragrance, so you can feel safe gifting this intentional candle to your loved ones or using it in your own home.

    Healthy Choice: Slow burning beeswax candles clean the air unlike any other candle wax.

    We Care: Votive is made from 50% recycled glass.

    Make it a gift: Free gift wrap available. Add a note for your gift wrap at the cart page.

    Net wt. 4oz by Volume

    Note on beeswax candles aka bee's wax candles:

    Bees are sacred and extremely important to our ecosystem as pollinators.

    We believe that by sourcing local beeswax from our local beekeeper that we are supporting the effort to keep an eye on the bees.

    Hive abandonment has become a critical issue. Pesticides, pollutants and other environmental disruptors may cause bees to lose their way. In this scenario, bee keepers can guide bees to a new home.

    We source organic ingredients where possible to align with cultivators who limit the use of pesticides and herbicides.