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Great skin with HARMONY Facial Moisturizer
Great skin with HARMONY Facial Moisturizer


CBD Facial Moisturizer

Blue Lotus Fitness in Orange
Blue Lotus Fitness Outfit  in Orange
The New Drop



We Donate $1 for Each Bottle Sold

I love FREEDOM Facial Toning Mist! I don't typically use a toner, but as my skin is changing from getting older, I found that I needed a different skincare routine. Adding in the FREEDOM was perfect. It allows my skin to better absorb moisturizer, and the anti-inflammatory properties are great for my skin. Thank you for such a healing product.
Karin Clarke
Special thanks for this bottle of love! Sore muscles in the morning, acne, whatevs...PEACE is my favorite topical for healing.
Crystal Bauer Feldman
Thanks for creating these awesome designs. I messed up and got the Durban leggings, but I didn't grab the top. I have regrets lol but I will be purchasing more. I want them all.
Paige M.
PEACE Massage Primer is the one product that I don't leave home without. It is the perfect remedy for achy sore muscles, smells heavenly, and it even helped my niece with a painful skin condition that nothing else seems to soothe. The texture is perfect - it goes on smooth and feels like silk. It's the best product of it's kind that I've ever used.
Kyra Reed
Thanks for all that you do for canna awareness and for advocacy -- it means the world to those like myself living in a prohibited state where there are so many who could benefit from the sacred plant.
Carl W.
I want to share that I turned my acupuncturist on to your PEACE lotion, and she is thrilled with it. I love it too❣️
My doctor rubbed in on my back after treatments, and it helped my frozen shoulder heal.
Heidi Groshelle
We love VITALITY deodorant. It's the best!
Chloe L.
Your PEACE Massage Primer worked wonders for my back and knees. I will 5⭐️ review anywhere and everywhere.
Brooke L.
These [Botanical Boxer-Briefs] are the most comfortable that I've ever worn!
Billy R.

"Courtney Freeman, creator of White Buffalo Spirit, is on a mission to provide honest and inspiring products that support physical, mental and earthly wellness."

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Announcing "The Creative" - Our Newest Pioneer

Announcing "The Creative" - Our Newest Pioneer

Jessica Cure has been a vocal advocate for the treatment of auto immune concerns. A former dispensary owner and operator, Jessica has paved the way for many to find healthy habits and respite from illness over the years with plant medicine, education, and what she refers to as “life-giving creativity”. 
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