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Blue Lotus Fitness in Orange
Blue Lotus Fitness Outfit  in Orange
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Great skin with HARMONY Facial Moisturizer
Great skin with HARMONY Facial Moisturizer


CBD Facial Moisturizer


Let's Get Cozy


We Donate $1 for Each Bottle Sold

"Courtney Freeman, creator of White Buffalo Spirit, is on a mission to provide honest and inspiring products that support physical, mental and earthly wellness."

I love FREEDOM Facial Toning Mist! I don't typically use a toner, but as my skin is changing from getting older, I found that I needed a different skincare routine. Adding in the FREEDOM was perfect. It allows my skin to better absorb moisturizer, and the anti-inflammatory properties are great for my skin. Thank you for such a healing product.
Karin Clarke
Special thanks for this bottle of love! Sore muscles in the morning, acne, whatevs...PEACE is my favorite topical for healing.
Crystal Bauer Feldman
Thanks for creating these awesome designs. I messed up and got the Durban leggings, but I didn't grab the top. I have regrets lol but I will be purchasing more. I want them all.
Paige M.
PEACE Massage Primer is the one product that I don't leave home without. It is the perfect remedy for achy sore muscles, smells heavenly, and it even helped my niece with a painful skin condition that nothing else seems to soothe. The texture is perfect - it goes on smooth and feels like silk. It's the best product of it's kind that I've ever used.
Kyra Reed
Thanks for all that you do for canna awareness and for advocacy -- it means the world to those like myself living in a prohibited state where there are so many who could benefit from the sacred plant.
Carl W.
I want to share that I turned my acupuncturist on to your PEACE lotion, and she is thrilled with it. I love it too❣️
My doctor rubbed in on my back after treatments, and it helped my frozen shoulder heal.
Heidi Groshelle
We love VITALITY deodorant. It's the best!
Chloe L.
Your PEACE Massage Primer worked wonders for my back and knees. I will 5⭐️ review anywhere and everywhere.
Brooke L.
These [Botanical Boxer-Briefs] are the most comfortable that I've ever worn!
Billy R.


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Announcing "The Creative" - Our Newest Pioneer

Announcing "The Creative" - Our Newest Pioneer

Creative Visionary Jessica Cure Honored in “Oracle of the Green Rose” Project

For Immediate Release

Entitled “Oracle of Green Rose,” this innovative and educational card deck and accompanying book shares the history and prolific contributions of canna industry pioneers who have supported safe access to canna medicine and the legalization movement.  

Jessica Cure is a creative visionary who meets both of these qualifications. As a renowned events producer and tastemaker who designs awe-inspiring experiences, Jessica spearheaded the ‘know your cultivator” movement. By inviting farmers from Humboldt and the Emerald Triangle to share their harvest in Los Angeles, she created an innovative ecosystem where people could connect with craft farms directly. Exploring the different farms represented at the market, one could taste and smell cured flower in a beautiful setting while learning about the Mendocino appellation of origin for example. 

In a world before mandatory testing labs in California, connecting with farmers directly established a broader community and offered a sense of quality assurance. To limit exposure to dangerous pesticides or mold, know your farmer and know how your canna is grown. 

Ms. Cure has been a vocal advocate for the treatment of auto immune concerns with canna medicine. A former dispensary owner and operator, Jessica has paved the way for many to find healthy habits and respite from illness over the years with plant medicine, education, and what she refers to as “life-giving creativity”. A force for progress, she has worked with some of the most esteemed organizations focused on managing and improving regulatory concerns for the canna industry and for those who consume. 

With each new pioneer selected, a card is designed to represent their essence and share their story of triumph. “There’s a lot of thought and intention that goes into these cards” says project creator Courtney Aura Freeman. “With Jessica’s card, the stakes are high because this is an art project and she is after all ‘The Creative’. We wanted to represent her contribution with elegant design and to also highlight the significant role canna consumption can play in ideating creative pursuits. When we did the photo shoot for this card, Jessica had a beautiful dream catcher adorned with crystals at her home. It was a perfect accent for her card to represent the visions or mental imagery of the creative process on the horizon.”

When asked about the role canna has played in her life, Ms. Cure shares how plant medicine has positively impacted both her health and her career. ”Growing up with colitis,” says Cure, “I couldn’t eat and my OCD mind always racing. It was really difficult to maintain my health and manage the stress of school. Later, when I was pursuing my degree in Interior Design, canna helped me focus on my education and also more on my personal development. I found that I could really drop-in to self-care and tune in more to what worked and didn’t work for my health.“

She continues, “Adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms turned out to be, similar to canna, another excellent tool for healing especially when spending time outdoors. When I had to detox from steroids, I booked a detox experience and invited my employees and loved ones to help make the space. Being in nature, spending time with loved ones, sharing ideas and collaboration - that’s where I discovered a true breakthrough in my health. Canna has been instrumental in helping me find what works for me as well as in supporting others in their path to healing.”

Ultimately, this card deck, art, and book project is a guide for how one might start a movement - even when facing the largest corporate and governmental propaganda defamation effort the world has ever seen. Science and research surrounding the impact of canna for health have been suppressed globally for over 50 years. The mere word “canna” is still censored from social media despite being one of the first commonly used plant medicines going back thousands of years and revered by ancient cultures. The pioneers honored in this project have bravely made a stand for truth, wellness, and for the freedom of expression.

Additional noteworthy pioneers included in the “Oracle of the Green Rose” include Steve de Angelo, Yvonne DeLaRosa, Chiah Rodriques, and Bruce Margolin.

There are a total of 44 cards in the deck beautifully illustrated by talented artist Amber June Cross. Interested parties can pre-order the “Oracle of the Green Rose” card deck and book by visiting the company website WhiteBuffaloSpirit.org or the direct URL OracleRoseVerte.com. 

“Oracle of the Green Rose” is a White Buffalo Spirit, Inc. creation.  

Contact us for inquiries. 


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✨"New Year, New Me CBD Wellness Giveaway! ✨

✨"New Year, New Me CBD Wellness Giveaway! ✨

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Holiday Sale Is Here

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