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Cannabis Skincare - What the BUZZ Is All About

Cannabis Skincare - What the BUZZ Is All About

Our Founder Courtney Aura Freeman shares some benefits of cannabis skincare and the quickly growing CBD skincare market. Check out her top picks f...
White Buffalo Calf Woman by Courtney Aura Freeman

The Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Whirling Rainbow in MJ Lifestyle Magazine

Many indigenous tribes have prophecies about the era that we are currently experiencing similar to the White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy. This is a period of great change when we are reclaiming control Earth and raising the consciousness about how we wish to treat our planet, ourselves and each other. 

If you haven't read our founder Courtney Freeman's story in the print version of MJ Lifestyle, you're in for a treat because the article is now live on MJLifestyle.com .

Overcoming Obstacles with White Buffalo Spirit

Tune-In Tuesday Inspiration for Overcoming a Sh*t Storm of Obstacles

Sometimes things go wrong, very wrong.  Maybe there is tragedy in your personal life, and you’re encountering a family illness. Perhaps a co-worker grates your last nerve or an important deal goes bust. Or it’s all of the above and a real sh*t storm. Here's some tips for moving forward in victory with grace.