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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Decisions Made for the Next Seven Generations


The White Buffalo Woman prophecy is revered by indigenous peoples across North America. The legend says that there will come a time when our planet is threatened by environmental destruction and humanity is divided. It is then, that a new era of progressive souls known as the Rainbow Warriors will incarnate to bring unity to the people and healing to the planet. We believe that "The Time Has Come," our mantra. In keeping with this ethos, we make decisions that will benefit the next seven generations. 

White Buffalo Spirit is a registered Benefit Corp. For a broader social impact, we contribute to non-profit organizations that benefit environmental protections and social justice initiatives such as Heal the Bay or Native American Rights Fund. 

How do we reduce our carbon footprint?

We use reusable, recyclable, and post-consumer materials for packaging and printing where possible.

Click here for tips on how you can reuse our mindful packaging.

Go Organic: Our CBD skincare and CBD personal care products include certified organic essential oils where possible to reduce the use of pesticides, which can cause harm to our environment, crop soil, ecosystem, and our health.

Re-Usable Packaging: All of our CBD skin care and CBD personal care products are packaged in renewable, glass containers. The tamper evident strips are made with hemp paper. The product labels are printed on metalized paper to reduce plastic waste. Let's say good-bye to single-use plastic and waste.

ECO Refills: Save $$$ and the planet when your purchase PEACE Massage Primer 3.6 refill bottles with a metal cap.

Easy-to-Recycle: You can drop the pumps and spray cap bottles at participating Nordstrom stores for the Terracycle recycling program or at Sephora.

Save the Bees: We make our LOVE Lip Balm with locally-sourced beeswax and biodegradable tubes. CLARITY Healing Candle votives are made from 50% recycled glass with clean-burning, hemp wicks and locally-sourced beeswax. Many pollinators are decreasing in number and some of our beloved bees are abandoning their hives. To protect our bees, we support local beekeepers!

Thank you for shopping at White Buffalo Spirit and aligning with us in this mission.