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Tips to Reuse, Renew, and Upcycle

While consumers around the world are making better choices about reducing waste, there is still much that we can do to influence major manufacturers to make better decisions. 

As a manufacturer, we are taking the necessary steps to reduce plastic waste, and select biodegradable or reusable and recyclable packaging.

Here are some ways that you can reuse our packaging:

Glass Bottle with Lotion Pumps: Use a chop stick to get all the product out of our pump bottles. Rinse out the bottle by hand or in the dishwasher, then fill it with liquid soap for dishes or hands in the kitchen or at the bathroom counter.

Glass Bottle with Misting Spray Cap: Rinse out the bottle and pump thoroughly. Refill with clean water.

- Mist hair before a trim or use to reduce frizz on those flyaway tendrils.

- Spray mist your plant leaves to rinse the leaves and to hydrate them.

- If you are training a puppy, you may want to consider utilizing a spray bottle. If puppies are biting or scratching you or jumping on guests when they arrive, spritzing them with water can be a great deterrent and training method.

Glass Votives: Clean out the wax and use it for a change bowl or to hold office supplies such as clips or staples.

Visit us on social to tell us how you reused or up-cycled our product packaging - click the links in our menu above or at the bottom of the page.