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Fertility Goddess Crystal Energy Grid Kit and Gift Set

SKU: 3336

The Fertility Goddess Crystal Energy Grid Kit supports women (or men) in calling in fertility to conceive a healthy, happy baby.

What Is a Crystal Grid?

Crystal gridding is a metaphysical practice that involves working with crystals. One uses activated crystals in combination with sacred geometry.  The intention is set for healing, or manifestation, or as is the case with this beauty, to call in fertility.

Why Do You Love Rainbows So Much?

For this crystal energy grid, we incorporated the colors of the rainbow to honor the prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman. In Native American legend, when the Earth is most in need of recovery due to pollution and dwindling natural resources, souls will incarnate from other realms to usher in a new era of healing for the planet and unity for the people.

These purposeful soul’s will be awakened to their mission with visions of whirling rainbows, and they will be called the Rainbow Protectors.

Tell Me More About Your Crystal Art

All White Buffalo Spirit crystal energy grids are hand painted and made using post-consumer materials where possible. White Buffalo Crystal grids are lifestyle works of art to be positioned in a bedroom for privacy or in a shared space to emit a wonderful vibration throughout.  

Materials: Upcycled Wood, Upcycled Fabric, Acrylic Pain, Hand-Painted.

What Does "Bespoke" Mean?

Bespoke means one of a kind or unique. The boxes containing your grid will vary since each one is uniquely sourced. The size of the boxes will be in the range of 7"x7" or 7"x10". Please contact us with inquiries about size, materials or to commission a special grid.

Does This Crystal Energy Grid Kit Come with Crystals?

With this grid, you will receive one rose quartz and 12 amethyst pieces - both of these crystals can be beneficial for fertility. All stones are activated and the grid comes with instructions for use.

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Disclaimer: This is a not a replacement for medical care. Please consult a medical expert for guidance.

 Consider purchasing one of our crystal energy grid kits for your loved one or any one in your life who loves crystal lifestyle products.