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Support NKLA with a Purchase from Our Neon Heart Collection

Support NKLA with a Purchase from Our Neon Heart Collection

Let's share some love this February!

In honor of Valentine's Day and the newest member of our tribe Bella the beautiful Pom-Chi baby, we're collaborating with you for some donations.

Watch our "Introducing Bella" video here on TikTok.

IG Part II

Feel free to give us some <3 on the posts ;)

For each purchase from our Neon Heart collection >found here< in the month of February, we'll donate $1 to NKLA.org - an ethical animal shelter in LA with a sanctuary in Utah. (Note that we are a registered Benefit corp.)

NKLA is especially remarkable because LA city shelters have a policy to kill weekly due to limited resources, but NKLA is a No-Kill shelter. This non-profit locates animals for adoption based on where they will get the most attention and hopefully find the better suited home to their needs.

Staff at NKLA will go over all the health history of the animals before the adoptions proceedings. They know all the animals intimately and can guide one in finding the right fit for animals and their new human caretakers.

Visiting NKLA is an amazing experience and we recommend adopting from a shelter where possible rather than breeding with so many animals who need love and care right now. 

Happy Valentine's Day! Sending much love to all the pups out there who need it right now. 

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