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5-5-5 Portal

5-5-5 Portal

555 Portal


Today is May 5, 2021. You may know this as the annual Cinco De Mayo event but this year, we have some special energies coming through. May is the fifth month, and we're on the fifth day of May, and the year 2021 reduces to a "5" when you add up the digits - that's how we get the "555". Five is the number of change and transformation, but can also denote struggle or challenge.

Today is a good day to set your intentions and focus your energy where you want to see transformation. Be specific with what you hope to achieve or to receive, and visualize the results, express the feelings of experiencing your dream objective. 

Most important, be open to the possibilities. Say "this or something better". Allow for something greater than your desires to match your frequency and come into your life.

These are challenging times in general, so hopefully this day gives us some extra oomph to weather the storms.

Above all, be safe and keep your thoughts positive so that you remain in the flow of the goodness that you seek.