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The Lion's Gate Portal Is Open

The Lion's Gate Portal Is Open

Woodbury Hill Sekhmet

The Lion’s Gate portal is OPEN! 

Ancient Egyptians celebrated the Lion’s Gate - we know this time as the dog days of summer when the Sirius Star (binary) rises in the sky in the constellation of Canis Major.  

In ancient times, the Nile river would rise and bring fertility to the land and to the people. It was a time of great celebration. 

The pyramids of Giza align with O’Rion’s belt and cosmic rays enliven us with ascension energy at this period of the year. You don’t have to be in Egypt, or even Africa. You can feel it wherever you are physically on this plane of existence.

The portal occurs in the vicinity of August 8, annually, and there is a numeral energetic of the number 8 associated with this portal. This can be described as progress, moving forward through collective action - when our cumulative efforts build upon each other and the fruit of our labor is manifest. This is also the 8th month, which is Leo season. Leo is represented by the lion - vibes emanate of courage, valour, and fatih. Leo is the universal royalty of the zodiac just as the lion is the king of the animal kingdom. When the sun shines in Leo, we all enjoy this solar return.

This is still a time of fertility and awakening for humanity even today. Most of us have forgotten the legacy of our Egyptian ancestors, so you may never have heard of the Lion’s Gate or even a “portal”. That is of course, until you AWAKEN! 

Harvest the power of the Lion’s Gate peaking 8/8/21. Manifest your dreams darling. Visualize all that you desire — feel into it now. And REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

The Time Has Come.

Beautiful Painting by Brittany Woodbury of Woodbury Hill Studio Seattle.