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Bees, Masters of Frequency

Bees, Masters of Frequency

Bees, Masters of Frequency


After a visit from a swarm of bees, I was very curious about the considerations surrounding bees in terms of esoteric matters. I started researching bee symbolism. I learned that the bee was revered in ancient Egypt as well as the Mediterranean and in ancient Sumeria. Then, I continued reading and many more wonders regarding the nature of the honey bee were revealed to me. I wish to share a few with you now.


As I understand it, honey bees defy standard physics theory because their body mass is too heavy in relation to their wing span and flight power. Bees use frequency to move air current along their bodies and hover. That’s how they fly!


Bees also use frequency in other ways that are astounding...


  • To Gather Pollen: These buzzing beauties use a specific frequency of vibration to shake pollen from flowers in the most efficient way.  
  • To Warm Their Bodies: Bees can warm their bodies individually or in unison with the hive. Again, they use a fine-tuned wavelength of vibration to quickly warm their bodies.
As a result, bees can fly in colder climates then many other species of insect. The hive can also use this self-warming ability as a defense by creating an increase in environmental temperature when foes threaten their safety.


Honey Bees are very important pollinators for our food cultivation.  While grains or corn for example don’t require pollination by insects, many flowering plants such as squash or apples do need help from honey bees. 


From a spiritual perspective, ancient cultures associated deities and royalty with the honey bee. The word Pharaoh translates to "keeper of bees". They are said to symbolize applied effort toward a goal, community, and potentially they could be a totem, carrying a message. If you have a new beginning and your destination is unknown, listen to the bee. Allow the bee to show you your new direction however that may manifest.


As we mentioned, bees are an immensely important part of our ecosystem. Companies like Bayer/ Monsanto create genetically modified seeds that do not procreate.  Farmers are forced to purchase more seeds from the seed bank.  Many of these seeds have herbicides or pesticides built in to the genetics.  This conglomerate in particular, uses chemical pesticides that many caution are killing our dear honey bees.


Regardless of who may attempt to control our food source, we can take back ownership of our food and access to healthy produce from major corporations by growing and purchasing locally from family-owned farms where possible. Look for foods with “Non-GMO” identifiers and consider purchasing certified-organic or biodynamic products.


Join us in maintaining a safe ecosystem for the future of humanity and our all of our friends who live here on Earth.


Courtney Freeman, Founder White Buffalo Spirit