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White Buffalo Spirit Founder Courtney Freeman Featured in "The Bluntness"

White Buffalo Spirit Founder Courtney Freeman Featured in "The Bluntness"

We're pleased to share this interview with White Buffalo Spirit founder Courtney Aura Freeman in canna-centric publication "The Bluntness".


Our mission is to honor this legacy and lead by example with sustainable packaging solutions, organic ingredients, socially and eco-responsible business operations. We source post-consumer materials for packaging and marketing and offer low-waste recyclable refills. We also support non-profit organizations who act as watch groups to protect sacred lands and safeguard our vibrant natural environment.

 Interview with White Buffalo Spirit Founder Courtney Aura Freeman


Can you tell us about your products, designs, and where you draw your inspiration?

We JUST finalized our new brand identity pattern! We’ll be updating our packaging to reflect the design in the coming months. Amber June Cross is the fabulous artist creating the Oracle of the Green Rose designs, and we are fortunate to have her execute these new branding elements as well.

The pattern that we came up with was inspired by the peacock feather - a symbol of enlightenment in the esoteric realm. Within that shape we included a crescent moon, a canna flower, and what looks like an oil drop. 

We care about cultivation practices, how cultivation affects streams and wildlife, and how the energetic of cultivation affects the final product that we consume. Many canna-farmers and farmers in general incorporate the lunar cycles to grow the healthiest plants with the greatest output and healing properties. The crescent moon and flower represent that ethos.

As a product development expert, I think it’s crucial to make the selection process easy for consumers when they are choosing between psychoactive or non-psychoactive products for their lifestyle needs. We chose distinct colors schemes to make this process easy and to foster great safety for our audience.

In terms of product development, I was inspired to create the PEACE Massage Primer (with the aid of an expert formulator) as a solution to a health issue that I experience. I often suffer from a stiff neck and tension in my shoulders from the stress of #StartUpLife and from working on a computer. This was a passion project for me, and fortunately, we were able to bring to market a beautiful formula that relieves moderate pain and discomfort, smells amazing, and greatly improves the efficacy of a massage. "Necessity is the mother of invention" as they say.