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Stanton J. Freeman - Remembering An Entertainment Icon

Stanton J. Freeman - Remembering An Entertainment Icon

"Psychedelisized : The Electric Circus Story"

Documentary Film World Premiere

Where & When?

DOC NYC Festival
11/11/23 9:15pm Eastern
IFC Theater
323 6th Ave. at W 3rd St.
New York, NY 10014.

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About the Film:

In the height of the 60's era, in the East Village, hippies, circus performers, Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, and Robert Kennedy all had one thing in common: they all came down to the Electric Circus.

Watch the premiere of the film:

Includes interviews with White Buffalo Co-Founder Stanton J. Freeman who created The Electric Circus music venue with Jerry Brandt in NYC.

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The Electric Circus nightclub was a multicultural oasis of dance and creativity in 1960’s NYC, frequented by icons like Jimi Hendrix, Timothy Leary, and Sly & the Family Stone.

Club founders Stanton Freeman and Jerry Brandt share memories of the club’s rise and spectacular demise. Dynamic editing, a groovy soundtrack, and psychedelic vibes make this an entertaining trip through a slice of NYC history.

– Karen McMullen

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Electric Circus Glow in the Dark Entryway murals

The club opened in 1967 -  Bobby Kennedy came to the opening. Later Dustin Hoffman was on the benefit committee along with George Plimpton. The entryway was adorned with murals painted with glow-in-the dark paint. It really set the scene, and there are number of historical Electric Circus photos online where that entryway is the enticing backdrop.

 They didn't sell any alcohol, just coffee that they lined up with a sponsor. There was a sign above the coffee stand that read "Think Tank" and that's where the concept of a think tank may very well have been born.


The wow factor for The Electric Circus, beyond the stellar musical acts, was the floor-to-ceiling screens. They created an ambiance on their own, but the most notable element was the projections. The Electric Circus created the "ultimate" multi-media entertainment experience. They would use plates of glass and a projector - sandwiched between the glass slides, they would drop oil and food coloring. The projector would capture the color swirls and shine the imagery on the walls, ceiling, and screens. Of course, you had to be there.

The Electric Circus Color Projections on Walls

Grab your tickets and a seat or if you are interested in experiencing this slice of NYC history virtually, the documentary premiere will be accessible online streaming on 11/12/23 here: https://www.docnyc.net/film/psychedelicized-the-electric-circus-story/.

Visit PsychedelicizedFilm.com to learn more about the film.