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Stanton Freeman White Buffalo Co-Founder RIP

RIP Stanton J. Freeman White Buffalo Co-Founder

I'm saddened to share news that my father Stanton Freeman has transitioned. These life experiences are never easy, but we've got some good news to share that brings me some cheer. I'm grateful that our family will be able to honor his legacy in this way.

My father and I were close and had worked on the family business White Buffalo together for some years. I'm glad it was a graceful transition, and believe it was good timing for him in terms of his health. He lived a full, exciting life and passed at 89.

Now for the good news:

Filmmaker Larry Confino has been working on a documentary about The Electric Circus -- the iconic night club that my father started in NYC (and later Toronto). Mr. Confino called me the day before my father passed away to update me that the documentary will be premiering in November.

Mr. Confino has been working on the film for eight years, interviewing attendees, performers at the club, and employees. All the while hunting down footage and raising the funds to license the assets, music, etc for a much-anticipated film release.

That day has come, and the film is premiering this Saturday 11/11/23 at the world's foremost documentary film festival DOC NYC Fest.

In the height of the 60's era, in the East Village, hippies, circus performers, Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, and Robert Kennedy all had one thing in common: they all came down to the Electric Circus.

If you are interested and not in NYC, the documentary premiere will be accessible online streaming on 11/12/23 here: https://www.docnyc.net/film/psychedelicized-the-electric-circus-story/.

Sharing his obituary here as well. He accomplished much, helped so many people, and had some really true-blue friends to the end. His was a remarkable life and we all wish he would have recorded his memoirs because he was such an amazing story teller.


Stanton J. Freeman, an 89-year-old investment banker and entrepreneur from New York City, passed away on September 26, 2023. He lived a full and exciting life, working across multiple industries, leaving behind a legacy of innovation.

In his personal life, Mr. Freeman loved elegant design and cutting edge technology. A fabulous story teller, he captured the hearts and minds of many with his eloquent insights and remarkable memoirs. 

Here are a few highlights from his life journey:

Early Life: Stanton Freeman was born on June 1, 1934, in Toronto, Ontario. His father Jack Frimmerman (Freeman) died at an early age and Stanton relocated to Michigan with his mother Anya shortly after in his teens where he attended Olivet College (now University). 

Mr. Freeman showed an early interest in music, finance and business, which led him to a role as US Regional Sales Manager with Clairtone Sound Corporation — the most prestigious home audio equipment manufacturer of the day.  

As an Adult: By the mid 60’s, Stanton was working full-time in entertainment or “pop music” as he called it. Stanton managed the band Steppenwolf and produced thousands of rock concerts. In ‘67, he opened “The Electric Circus” – now renowned as the world’s first multi-media entertainment experience on St. Mark’s place in Manhattan, NY.

Stanton identified a cultural shift at that time and founded White Buffalo rolling papers, sold nationwide. The business lives on today with his daughter Courtney’s company White Buffalo Spirit. 

Towards the end of the decade, Mr. Freeman founded International Thermotech Corp who created the “Feverstrip” product, a unique invention that detected human temperature for the medical industry. With a nod to his more adventurous side, Mr. Freeman also produced the Peking Circus in China.

Mature Years: Circa 1982, Stanton had established himself in early NY Tech investment circles as Chairman and CEO of Ulysses Capital Company, which created and marketed Tax Advantaged Investments selling equity in IBM computer equipment leases.

Before retiring in Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Freeman served as CEO of Petrex Energy, a subsidiary of MSR Explorations, Ltd and founded Findex.com, a precursor to Lending Tree and now an OTC Public Company.

Stanton was known for his charm, business acumen, and brilliant mind. His ability to make sound investment decisions earned him a reputation as one of the top investment bankers in New York City.

Mr. Freeman married and divorced three esteemed women. His loving children survive him Sari, Jamie, Courtney, Parker, and Zach. 

Stanton’s contribution will be honored with the premier of “Psychedelicized: The Electric Circus Story” a documentary directed by Larry Confino showcasing “The Electric Circus” and featuring interviews with the founder, members of the troupe, and the many colorful characters who made history at the venue.