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Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth

We are in a period of transition.

In ancient Egypt, women held roles of leadership. We’ve more recently experienced a patriarchy. In the coming years, our collective will experience a balancing of female and male energies and an enhanced state of homeostasis as a result.

We are embarking on a new cycle of Aquarius. A new era where we will see great advances in intellect and access to information. This is The Great Awakening.

Over the last four months, many of us learned more about viruses than we ever had hoped to. We’re also gaining understanding about the way that our media is controlling our narrative and how the last 150 years of medicine has been influenced by John D. Rockefeller, Nazi concentration camp research on captives, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our ancestors understood the plant kingdom and how to treat ailments with specific plant herbs and formulations combining plant material for the desired outcome. Humanity is now returning to that ancient wisdom of herbology and personalized medicine. We will no longer be dependent on pharmaceutical cocktails that don’t work, repurposed from industrial waste to financially benefit the service-to-self factions.

As the veil is being lifted, the truth is being revealed. Now is the time for us to speak our truth and share our revelations with our communities. 

Focus your efforts to open your throat chakra. Picture blue swirling in your throat region - a vortex of indigo energy before you and behind you. Reference the image on this page if it is helpful to your meditative visualization.

You may use crystals such as Lapis Lazuli or Blue Lace Agate in your throat chakra clearing practice.

When you consume plant medicine at this time, set your intentions to bring healing to your body and ask the spirit of the plants to work with your body for the greatest outcome. Request clarity of mind and purpose so that you may live your best life.