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The Eye of Protection

The Eye of Protection

Eye of Protection Jewelry


We're introducing a new jewelry piece - the eye of protection with rainbow color stones so you can shine your rainbow light and feel protected.

What is the Eye of Protection?

The eye of protection is a concept dating back thousands of years to about 3000 BC. At that time, people believed that jealousy or glares of envy aka the evil eye could bring negative experiences.

I was not a popular child and when kids were cruel to me, my mother said "that's because they are jealous." I thought, "What on Earth would they be jealous about?" Then the older I became, the more I realized that we can never anticipate what my cause feelings of jealousy or envy from other people.

I'm not a jealous person - I wish others well and practice this in my prayer and visualization. But the fact of the matter is that this can be a cultural aspect or it can be a result of the chasm between have's and have-not's. You might have shiny, healthy, full hair and that could be enough to elicit negative feelings from others.

There are many ways to create energetic boundaries of protection. A white light of protection spell is a common practice for those who divine or communicate with "the other side". You might imagine a white light around your aura and create a spell to the effect of "This light of protection shines bright around me, I am protected from any ill will or jealousy. And so it is." 

In order to protect against the evil eye, one might wear jewelry that represents the eye of protection. This is sometimes called an amulet of protection.

Take a look at our golden Eye of Protection pendant here and if you like it, make it your own, then set some intention around protection with your own white light protection spell.


Eye of Protection Necklace