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Enter to Win : Spring Giveaway 2024

Enter to Win : Spring Giveaway 2024


Our Spring Fling 2024 Giveaway has arrived...
Time to clear out your drawers and make room for some new products.

Total Prize Value Over $1400!!!

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Enter to win

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Brand Prize Value Website IG Account
Lotus Bundle $600
White Buffalo Spirit Harmony Moisturizer, Freedom Toner, Vitality Deodorant, Love Lip Balm, Lotus Outfit + Gift Card $250.00 WhiteBuffaloSpirit.org WhiteBuffaloSpirit
BCPlus BCPlus Kit $250.00 BlairMedicalGroup.com BlairMedicalGroup
Element Apothec Calm Cool Collected Tincture $99.99 ElementApothec.com ElementApothec
Rose Bundle $472
My Bud Vase Rosette with Colibrì Hummingbird Poker $112.22 MyBudVase.com MyBudVase
Potency No. 710 Gold Serum and Stick It Cooling Muscle Rub $240.00 Potency710.com PotencyNo710
Trusted Canna Nurse Gift box with gummies, mints, oil, and suppositories $120.00 TrustedCannaNurse.com TrustedCannaNurse
Jasmine Bundle $346
Salvarae Serum, Nourishing Cacao Chai, Vanilla Rose & Jasmine Gardenia Body Oil, Salve $276.00 Salvarae.com Salvarae
Stash Logix 3 Stash Logix Bamboo Smart Jars $70.00 Stashlogix.co StashLogix