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World Card

The World Card • "Oracle of the Green Rose" Card Deck and Book

World Card

Since it's Women's History Month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of our pioneering women in the "Oracle of the Green Rose" deck and also to introduce you to our newest pioneer - Bibiana Rojas with "The World" card! See image above for a sneak peek. 

We are making some good progress with the cards and the book! Each pioneer is memorialized with a card from the deck and their stories of triumph are shared in the accompanying book.

World Card Back Oracle of the Green Rose Tartot

Each pioneer signs off on their card and story as we continue to construct the book and finish the cards. Please note that we are awaiting Bibiana's final approval on her card (above) and story, so this is a sneak peak. 

Bibiana Rojas has been a global player in this industry but also a leader in safe access internationally.  

Bibiana started a company in Colombia when the country was forming regulations around cultivation there and how regulated products would become available to the Colombian people. She searched all over for just the right property and sought out the finest genetics that would also support healing for various concerns.

Later Bibiana's company was acquired by Canopy Growth and she was appointed to be one of five global VPs and the only female executive on that team. What a ride!

Colombia is Bibiana's home country, and she felt that the introduction of this industry would help people there turn over a new leaf after historical policies had harmed so many lives the world over.

We are highlighting her cultural heritage with the Colombian influence in the card art for Bibiana's version of "The World" card paying homage to the famous Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck. See the Colombian jaguar, crystal, and eagle pictured. Did you know that Colombia is known for orchids? That was Bibiana's idea, but we love orchids too ;)

Today, Ms. Rojas is in the fight for her life with stage 4 breast cancer. Please join us in sending her healing powers and prayers for a miraculous recovery!

Many of us have lost loved one's to this disease but many have also seen spectacular results from taking clean canna oil as well. Thank you to our Santa Maria for bringing us hope and to you Bibiana for the work you've done for humanity!

Stay strong and positive during this time Bibiana and know that we will carry on your powerful, inspiring story. 

Enjoy the message for Bibiana's card that will be in the book, above.

You can support Bibiana by visiting her Insta and giving her a follow. Tell her you are excited to see her card "The World"!

Get to know Bibiana better - check out this interview from Season 1 of Conscious Cannabiz.

Next up: We are currently working on the new pioneer card for Rowshan Reordan, founder of Green Leaf Lab.

Help us get the word out?! Please share this project and the stories of the pioneers with any friends or relatives who might appreciate all the good feels. (See our social links above if you want to tag us on social).

May this be a beautiful Spring season for you as you plant the seeds for this summer's crop.

Courtney & the White Buffalo Team