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Acapulco Gold Card

Today We Celebrate Healing and Inspiration with Acapulco Gold

First, let us say Happy 4/20/23! Wishing you a lovely celebration of our dear friend Santa Maria. We have much to be grateful for, yet there's still much more that we can do to support safe access, compassionate care and liberation of those imprisoned still today.

Keep those in your heart today who need love and support most of all. This plant is such a beautiful agent for change and camaraderie. Today is a great day to let bygones be bygones. Release trauma. Find something to laugh about. Give someone you care about a hug. Get out in nature and dive into self care. 

And thank your lucky stars for the legalization movement sweeping the nation, dare I say the world, like wild fire!

Be safe out there and be KIND ;)

Introducing the newest card from the "Oracle of the Green Rose" - Acapulco Gold


The Acapulco Gold genetic is know for its strawberry blond hairs. A famous flower from Acapulco, Mexico, many reflect the effects are uplifting and energetic leading to greater productivity and inspiration.

Learn more about the effects and flavors below.

Visit OracleRoseVerte.com here to support the project or share this message with those who you think will be interested. We are making steady progress and share regular updates with our contributors.

To learn about some of our pioneers and see some cards, visit our pre-order offer page here.

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Wishing you great health, laughter, and wisdom.

The Time Has Come.