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Overcoming Obstacles with White Buffalo Spirit

Tune-In Tuesday Inspiration for Overcoming a Sh*t Storm of Obstacles

Overcoming Obstacles Image

Sometimes things go wrong, very wrong.  Maybe there is tragedy in your personal life, and you’re encountering a family illness. Perhaps a co-worker grates your last nerve or an important deal goes bust. Or it’s all of the above and a real sh*t storm.

{My stray finger hit a key while typing, and I lost the first draft of this article. Argh.}

How does one handle the onslaught of life challenges and yet carry-on with grace, power, and victory?

Here's Two Tune-In Tips for Tapping Into Your Inner Zen Master When Things Go So Very Wrong:

Tune-in Tuesday Tip for Overcoming Obstacles Number One:

First, remember that life ebbs and flows. There’s ups and downs. In our hyped-up world, it might feel likes the ups and downs are spiking harder and harder as time speeds up due to a shift in the Earth’s axis, expanded technology, increased communication, etc.

The highs can be great, but the lows feel extreme. This is when it feels like life is smacking you in the face. The burning question is how to handle this, what to do to make it through the typhoon and come out on top.

The mantra, “this too shall pass” can bring surprising relief when you need it most. 

Give it a try and then take ten deep breaths, counting down backwards to one. 

Imagine you’re in a place that feels safe, soothing like in a gently rocking boat on a placid lake, peering up at the flower blossom-covered mountains before you. The sun peaking over the cliffs with ray of light spraying over the countryside. Ahhhh…

Tune-in Tuesday Tip for Overcoming Obstacles Number Two:

Attune to the frequency of success and send out good vibes. It might seem odd, but I believe that sending out good vibes to the universe actually has a reciprocal effect, bringing you a good experience in return. It’s easy to do, and you have nothing to lose trying it.

How to start? Realize how awesome you are! Earl Nightingale defined success as “Progressive realization of a worthy goal.” Sounds lofty, but basically this means that your success is defined by creating goals and taking steps toward those goals.

If you’ve created a goal, and you have taken steps toward that goal, know that you are “successful.” Let’s explore this further.

Don’t get bogged down in too many goals, just one good one that you are passionate about. 

If you don’t have a goal, take a baby step, choose a life experience that would make you feel really good to achieve, and set a goal to experience that.

Think about a few steps that you could take to work towards achieving that goal.

Now take action. That’s it, you are now a success! 

Look in the mirror, repeat to yourself three times, “I am successful, I am a success, I am a successful _fill in the blank here_. Now imagine what it feels like to experience that goal, and send that out from your energetic body across all space and time. 

Bonus Metaphysical Tip: You might hold a Lemurian Seed crystal or quartz in your non-dominant hand while you do this to hold that energy. You can then carry it with you to support the frequency or simply as a reminder.

May those who would benefit from receiving these tips receive them in love and light when they are needed most.