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White Buffalo Calf Woman by Courtney Aura Freeman

The Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Whirling Rainbow in MJ Lifestyle Magazine

White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy

If you haven't read our founder Courtney Freeman's story in the print version of MJ Lifestyle, you're in for a treat because the article is now live on MJLifestyle.com .

Exciting Update: Courtney recently experienced a miracle. After an extremely trying adventure on the road, Courtney witnessed a whirling rainbow first-hand in October 2019.

Whirling rainbows or sundogs are a natural phenomenon. Courtney hadn't even heard of a "whirling rainbow" until a year prior. 

Many indigenous tribes have prophecies about the era that we are currently experiencing similar to the White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophecy. This is a period of great change when we are reclaiming control Earth and raising the consciousness about how we wish to treat our planet, ourselves and each other. 

This is a good time to consider how you wish to be of service as a being of light and how you can best live in your truth or dharma. 

Check out the story now to learn more about the prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman and to discover the significance of this miracle.

Special thank you to talented artist Mia Ohki for her elegant illustration.