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Prehnite and Epidote Crystals

Tune-In Tuesday with Prehnite, the Healer’s Stone and Epidote

Prehnite and Epidote Crystals


These two crystals prehnite (the green) and epidote (the black) are like peas in a pod. They often come together to amplify the healing properties of prehnite, known as the healer's stone.  

The "stone of unconditional love," prehnite is said to connect one to the divine frequency of the universal energy grid.

  • Perfect for crystal energy gridding because it calms the environment and protects the auric field.
  • Use this stone to declutter because it helps one release items that are not longer supporting the path forward.
  • Place in an area that you want to keep clean like your project desk.
  • Alleviates nightmares and phobias.
  • Treats gout, blood disorders, kidneys, bladder, and lungs.
  • Wonderful for diagnosis as it helps healers identify the root cause of disease.

Paraphrased from “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall.

Epidote’s name comes from Greek, meaning to “increase”. Keep your thoughts positive and focused in a positive outcome while healing with this stone.

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