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Thank You for My Healing

Thank You for My Healing

Strength & Vitality Crystal Grid

For this week's Tune-In Tuesday, we are looking at one of our favorite topics - healing.

For those who address ongoing health issues due to an autoimmune disease for example, it can be difficult to visualize healing because after prolonged exposure to illness, one begins to forget what it feels like to be healthy.

One can start to call in healing energies, by saying "Thank you for my healing." It would be ideal at this point to imagine feeling good and doing something very inspiring. If this visualization is challenging, consider thinking about what you would do if you were to reach your health goals.  Would you go hiking, visit your family, or would you be succeeding in business free of migraines or stomach issues that usually inhibit productivity. 

This visualization process and using your imagination can support you in aligning with the greatest version of yourself. Even if it feels a little funny to try, you have nothing to lose by doing so -- give it a chance?

Guided meditations can be great to show you an approach, and if you love crystals as much as we do, then you'll be interested to try our newest Vitality and Strength crystal grid.

This design by our founder artist Courtney Freeman is inspired by the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol of healing. While the symbol itself holds energy, the activated crystal grid working in conjunction with your intentions can be even more effective because the crystal combinations that you use may have healing frequencies.

Also, energy gridding is a practice that you can reach for when those you care about are encountering illness, it doesn't have to be your own health that you are focusing on. Reiki energy healers sometimes offer remote healing sessions to support energy flow and unblock chakras. Sending prayers or hopes for healing or visualizing your loved ones feeling good can be a boost (there is some science behind this). 

With this grid pictured, we used serpentine crystal as a compliment to the serpent energy or life force energy associated with the symbol. Amethyst is used for way stones to help conduct the energy and create a grid or energy field. Other healing crystals to consider prehnite and epidote combinations if you are  healer yourself, and then consider crystals that help with emotional concerns that can lead to illness like blue appetite, which can help resolve sorrow or anger.

These are metaphysical practices that we are discussing here. We don't claim to know how they work, but we've experienced some remarkable energy sensations and experiences in working with crystals, energy grids and healing modalities. These suggestions are not a replacement for seeking medical guidance from an expert.

We wish you abundant health, wellness, and vitality for 2019 and beyond! Happy healing to all!

Courtney Freeman
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Prehnite and Epidote Crystals

Tune-In Tuesday with Prehnite, the Healer’s Stone and Epidote

These two crystals prehnite (the green) and epidote (the black) are like peas in a pod. 

They often come together to amplify the healing properties of prehnite, known as the healers stone.  


Courtney Freeman
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