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Oracle of the Green Rose - An Inspired Oracle Card Deck for the Ages

Oracle of the Green Rose - An Inspired Oracle Card Deck for the Ages

White Buffalo Spirit Oracle of the Green Rose

This Tuesday October 23rd was all about the launch of our Indigogo campaign to support our passion project!  We were driving hard to launch before the true Halloween, the full moon before the end of October.  Whew, we made it!

Please consider supporting our campaign by taking advantage of one of the perks, pre-ordering a deck, or by sharing with members of your network who "get it."

Click here to check out the details and our Indiegogo Project Page here.

Pictured here are the Magician, the HIGH Priestess, and our emblem of healing the rod of Asclepius for the surface art of the deck.

We are honoring cannabis industry pioneers who helped make safe access and legalization possible.  For example, Hua Tuo is an ancient Chinese physician and surgeon who made the first antiseptic for pain relief by mixing ground cannabis plant material with wine. 

We also pay tribute the journey of spiritual development in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot.  The HIGH Priestess in this deck is represented by a Native American medicine woman.  Indigenous peoples have long protected our planet and held sacred plant medicine.  We thank our ancestors who paved the way with this tribute.

The accompanying book will share a fun and inspiring message for each card.  You'll learn about heirloom landrace strains from the 18 cards dedicated to our favorite plan varietals.

Blue Dream flowers are adorn the braid of our HIGH Priestess!

Have questions? Contact Us. We want your input to make this the best cannabis oracle deck the world will ever see!

Courtney Freeman
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