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Tune-In Tuesday

What Do You Want? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself on Tune-in Tuesday


As we commence the holiday season, things are pretty hectic. Especially for those of us who work in eCommerce ;). 

We are all trying to present ourselves in the most beautiful light as we reconnect with friends and loved ones. Then there's the hustle to prepare gifts and decorate, even though we try our best to make this an enjoyable process.

This Tuesday, in the midst of it all, take a moment for yourself to relax and reflect on what you want. What will make you happy?

The "holy days" or holidays as we know them, correspond to the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. At this time of Yule, we are exhausted from the fun of the summer and from the harvest of our crops. This is a time to relax and reflect on the year while we process all that has corresponded.

As nature retreats from the cold and winter's sleep sets in, we can get cozy with a cup of hot tea and a blanket that we knitted as a child with our elders. Hold that vision of deep relaxation and consider these three questions...

1) What if?

By asking "what if..." you open your imagination to the possibilities and set an energetic vibe to attune with universal laws of creation. Is there something you want to accomplish or someone who strikes your fancy?

What if that were possible? What would it feel like to take a walk with that special someone on the beach hand-in-hand and ponder existence?

What if you could certify in your profession and further establish yourself as respected industry player?

Asking "what if," keeps you in touch with your inner child. The one who isn't stressed out; the one who likes to make cartwheels down a hill in the yard.

2) What does Success mean to me?

If you feel yourself going dark here because success has been elusive, pause and think about a moment where you have achieved your goals in the past. What did that feel like? Who was there. What steps did you take to get there? How did you celebrate your accomplishment?

The way that you measured success in the past may not suit you now. Reconsider what success means and think about how you might achieve your version. 

What would it feel like to hit that endurance marker when training for a 5k?

3) What truly makes me happy? 

When you were working through the first question, you might have felt a mood boost. This is the feeling that we want to harness and expand. Focus on that feeling and try to physically send out a vibration from your body like an antenna. Imagine those waves rippling through space.  

Our imagination helps us to create our future and determine what direction we wish to take. When we express that feeling of security and contentment, we are better aligned with the feelings we want to have and that can shape our future experience.

Take a second to write down three things that you want to experience this holiday season. Then say out loud "And so it is." 

By creating this space for yourself, you are more likely to achieve your dreams, discover what makes you happy and identify exactly what you want.

 Thank you for joining us for Tune-In Tuesday.  


Courtney Freeman
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